A cup of tea a day will make your life better

A cup of tea a day will make your life better

Besides being one of the most popular hot beverages in the world, a cup of tea is also something with many benefits for the body, which is why for some people tea has become an important part of everyday routine. 

One of the advantages we mentioned is that, unlike coffee, tea has a lot of varieties: not only when it comes to flavors, but also when we talk about the different benefits. For example, green tea is the healthiest, since it encourages brain functions and fat loss, whilst black tea reduces cholesterol and it helps digestive system to do its thing. 

In general, these are some of the benefits of drinking a cup of tea daily: 

  1. It has antioxidants that delay the aging. 
  2. It protects our immunologic system. 
  3. It reduces the risk of having heart diseases. 
  4. It attacks anemia. 
  5. It helps us staying hydrated. 
  6. It is diuretic. 

Plus, there are teas that will help you with more regular symptoms. For instance, lemon tea if you have a little cold; peppermint, for a stomachache; or chamomile, if you need to relax. 

To summarize, a cup of teal a day will make your life better in a bunch of ways. And with Corina’s variety of teas, you will not regret it!